Speedy.... my 4 legged Chick .....UPDATE I lost her today .... : (

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    Well Speedy hatched at the beginning of the week with 2 extra legs. She is a Silver Spangled Hamburg Chick, first one I've had with 4 legs....... Any how, she has been doing great except that her extra legs kept catching on things. They also began to shrivel up. Well i noticed she had a bad case of pasty butt, and when I removed it and some butt fuzzy........... she had 2 vents........... that were functioning. What's better than a 4 legged chicken, but a 4 legged chicken who can poop double amounts..... [​IMG] Well since the legs were shriveling up and catching on things and now the pasty butt problem because of the legs drooping over one vent, I decided the best thing for her would be to do an amputation. I went up high with a rubberband and tied it off. Then i snipped the legs right underneath. Very little blood but it did have some blood flow going to the legs, although it was clearly shutting down. I was going to just let her be, but this hopefully will make her life a little easier, as i don't know how long she will live. She is a very active and spunky chick as of now.
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    Best wishes to Speedy! Mother nature does play strange tricks. Keep us posted as to speedy's progress.
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    Sending good luck to Speedy! Keep us posted.
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    Maybe she will lay doube too! [​IMG]

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    Maybe it will lay twice the number of eggs! [​IMG] (Trying to be positive about having two vents... [​IMG] ).

    I am glad to hear the amputation went well!! She sure is a adorable!
  6. acid_chipmunk

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    Mar 29, 2010
    Here's to hoping she lives a long life! She is very cute!!! [​IMG]
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    Amazing.. please post updates as she grows!

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    Mar 26, 2010
    Hills of Tenn!
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    Wow, poor girl! Please keep us updated on how she does!

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    omg! was she originally a double yolker?

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