spicy foods?

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  1. So I have some spicy noodles I wanna feed my rooster them but I worry to much so, is it OK if he eats it? Won't hurt his gizzard or stomach or something? And is it OK if he tries to drink the water spice stuff?? Thanks

  2. So I told my sis (he kept drinking) that milk would help him better so she gave him her milk, well he drank it and now hes drinking water/milk mixture. LOL so funny because he had some and the spicy did effect him,
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    If he eats it, it means he likes it and it is probably suitable for chickens. You can feed chickens the hottest, spiciest foods, and they'll eat every scrap because they do not have taste receptors for hot, spicy flavors. The thing you need to be careful of is feeding them too much high sodium foods.
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    They cant taste the hot, but it will heat them up inside, so make sure they have plenty of water, they will drink more than normal if they get alot of spice...

  5. Aww OK, because he did drink a lot of water, and milk because I thought it would help

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