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This as been one of my biggest questions since I started raising chickens and I still am not sure WHICH WAY IS BETTER!!!

Basically we were only raising chickens for our egg consumption and family if they wanted any. Well we now have 6 girls laying (2 are still young, so small eggs) but we still get 4-6 eggs per day.

When I collect the eggs I place them in a basket that sits on my counter in the kitchen and after collecting from Sunday thru Saturday I count them (keep count during the week) for a total then place them in two 18 count cartons and put them in the fridge.

So after reading some of the comments on the POLL I am wondering is this a good practice, especially if I am selling SOME of the eggs???

Should I place the eggs in the fridge as soon as they have come to room temp each day (I usually get them out of the laying boxes when they are still warm) or just collect them and leave them on the counter as I have been doing? Oh and I don't wash them any longer either, most don't need it but if they do I usually just take a dry cloth and clean them.


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It really doesn't matter.

I do make it a practice to use that day's eggs or yesterdays when I sell. I want my customers to have the freshest eggs possible, I think that is part of what they're paying for. My family eats weeks old eggs happily. And if one is a little old looking, it doesn't bother us, we just take it out to the cats.

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