Spinach Leafs as a Treat?


Jan 30, 2018
West Virginia
So this morning I was going through my Fridge and noticed I had some Spinach Leafs left over from cooking the other day. It's not enough to to make something out of so, since it was green and healthy, I was wondering if I could give these to my Chickens as treats?
If so, what are some other good treats you give to yours?
Carrots, Lettuce, Bird Seed,ect?
Spinach is great for your birds, as are dandelions and broccoli. If they free-range, they likely won't appreciate it as much as they would otherwise.

Bird seed is a decent treat, but I don't think it's giving them anything that the feed isn't. If I wanted to give them treats of that sort, I'd just buy scratch.
I forgot--mine love any sort of squash. Pumpkins are actually slightly effective as a natural dewormer (and before someone jumps on me, feeding pumpkins should not stop you from worming your flock at least once a year.)

Yes, there is an amino acid in pumpkin seeds that kill certain species of worms. :)

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