Spinosad For Treating Mites?


Mar 4, 2012
I have found red mites on my chickens recently. Reading about Sevin made me a little nervous so I decided to use Spinosad and DE. I know that spinosad is safe for poultry and effective against red mites. But, I went to home depot and bought the only thing with Spinosad I could find: Captain Jack's Deadbug Brew (.001% spinosad); for use on fruits/vegetables/berries/citrus/grapes/nuts/ornamentals. I was planning on using it mixed with DE on the coop and the birds but then this made me nervous:
Quote: So now I'm not sure. Will it be safe on the birds? Or on the coop but not the birds?
Thanks in advance!
DE is worthless. I used it many years ago only to find it irritating to the chicken's respiratory system. Dusts of carbaryl (Sevin) or Permethrin (Prozap) are safe for poultry but messy. Not only that, you have to dust again 10 days later. Just because something is labeled organic does not entail it is safe for chickens or effective mite and lice prevention. I've found cleaning my coops every 3 months, treat them with Permectrin II or Ravap EC, and haven't seen a mite or louse in years. Both are also labeled for use on poultry.

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