Spitzhauben, Frizzle Turken, BLRW, Marans, Olive Eggers ~ CHOICE!

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    This is a buy it now listing for 5 breeds of pure hatching eggs. Please pick the breed and PM me.
    Your choice or mine! Each breed is housed in separate runs so all are pure (Olive eggers and project birds are combinations of breeds). Each breed has the price listed, so don't hit the buy it now button, just send me a pm. I can ship 7 days a week and will take the eggs directly to the Oklahoma City Airport Post Office where the eggs are sent out using Priority Mail. We wrap each individual egg in a napkin and bubble wrap, and ship in the large priority box. All eggs are ready to hatch and will be less than 6 days from being laid when mailed. No guarantee due to shipping. I have hatched eggs from all of my birds and have had great hatches on all. Preferred payment is by paypal. Extra eggs will be added if available. Shipping will be $15.00 for up to 2 dozen eggs, continental U.S. only. Can possibly tape 2 boxes together for larger order for an additional cost.

    Following breeds available:

    Apenzeller Spitzhauben: 1 dozen $15.00

    Turken (Naked Neck) Very good possibility will be frizzle naked neck: 1 dozen $15.00 (3 dozen available)

    Blue Laced Red Wyandotte: 1 dozen $20.00 (2 dozen available)

    Wheaten Marans: 1 dozen $25.00 (2 dozen available)

    Cuckoo Marans: 1 dozen $15.00 (3 dozen available)

    Black Copper Marans: 1 doz $25.00

    Olive Eggers: 1 doz $15.00 (2 dozen available)
    Rooster is a blue copper marans, and hens are blue and black ameraucana or olive eggers, so you will get olive eggs (2nd & 3rd generation olive eggs) or 1st generation is blue egg. All chicks should be blue, black or splash and possibly copper features on their heads.

    Project Bird Pen ~ Olive Egger Roosters over Blue Frizzle Turken Hens (hoping to create blue copper frizzle naked necks that lay olive eggs): 1 dozen $15.00

    I can do a variety pack, my choice of 16 eggs for $15


    Project Birds ~ Olive Egger Roosters over Blue Frizzle Turken Hens

    Turken (Naked Neck) could be frizzle

    Wheaten Marans

    Apenzeller Spitzhauben

    Cuckoo Marans
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