Splash Araucana Cockerel

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    6 month old true clean faced rumpless Araucana. This is a real Araucana not a Ameraucana or a Easter egger chicken. This is a rare breed of chicken.. This is a splash roo with some bbr background. Would be a great "Easter egger" project or a start on a Araucana line. I do not have hen/pullets available at this time but will have chicks and started birds later on this spring and summer. The hens do lay blue/blue green eggs. So any breed crossed with this rooster will have chicks that lay blue/green/olive eggs. (Depending on the hens egg color)

    If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

    Learn about their history here-

    Local pickup in south central Pennsylvania.
    I would be able to ship in a couple weeks. Just need zip code to get a quote. I would just need time to order boxes.
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