Splash Barnevelder, is this normal?

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by JecaRaven, Feb 24, 2015.

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    I bought three chicks last Thursday. Each from a different breed. I handpicked each chick from their breed sorted boxes. I noticed that my splash Barnvelder and the rest of the chicks in that box had less developed wing feathers. I mentioned that to the lady who is selling them to me, and she said that some breeds mature faster than others. All three of the chicks that I bought were hatched on the same day, but I I am noticing that the speckled Sussex and the splash Americana are growing and developing more quickly. I've only had them four full days, but I'm already noticing a difference in their growth. Should I be worried? Do you barn elders develop slower or is this a problem for the splash variety? I've read some accounts that males will feather slower than females in heavier breeds. Is this the case? Was the box just full of males?[​IMG]
    The light one with the brown saddle is the splash barnvelder.
    this is a close-up of him/her

    Speckled Sussex
    Splash Americana

    I bought them straight run, so I'm not sure of the sex of these three. I was always supposed to get two, but about the third just in case I chose roosters, I might have a better chance of having at least one hen.
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    I would not be worried at this age. While slow feathering can be a sign that a chicken is a cockerel, it is definitely not 100% accurate. Different breeds do mature at different rates. My Wyandottes tend to be rather slow, for example, but Rhode Island Reds feather in faster.
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    Totally agree with the others. I too have seen in my flock that specialty type breeds do tend to feather more slowly and simply develop more slowly than more common, commercial type breeds.

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