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Jan 15, 2009
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My Coop
I have 2 pairs (and 1 cockerel) of nice Splash Cochin bantams. They are out of my Splash pen (Blue Mottled Roo over Splash hens). I have excellent stock from The Cochin Coop. Some of these may have show potential. You can see all my birds on my website, here are pics of the pairs. Each pair is priced according to quality (color & type). Shipping goes by weight & zip code (PM me for price) and new box fee is $10. NPIP # 51-370, papers included. All my birds are healthy & clean, wormed & dusted for mites/lice. I vaccinate for Coryza in the Fall. I show my birds at the MSPFA in Frederick, MD in November. This is a buy it now, PM me to buy. Shipping will be in Sept. unless we get a cool spell before then. Thanks for looking.

UPDATE: 1 pair left (#2) $15.
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