Splash Cochin Rooster


6 Years
Dec 26, 2013
Hurricane, Utah
This is Green Legs. I have had him since he was 2 days old. He hatched on May 21st 2014 and as of 9-17-2014 is 17 weeks old. He is a Large Fowl Splash Cochin. He is my goofy guy and would love to keep him but he crows too much for the neighborhood I live in.

He is nice to the girls and likes to wander around the yard making funny noises for attention. He also has a weird cuddle game he likes to play when I'm trying to do yard work. He is a bit shy about getting picked up but once you have him he will settle right down and let you pet him and pack him around the yard as long as you want. He has a little eagle eye. Very good at spotting hawks in the sky and letting everyone know there is danger.

Local pick up only please. Would be willing to drive him to meet half way as long as it wasn't too far.

We also have 1 Gold Laced Cochin Roo and 3 Silver Laced Cochin Roo's available.
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