Splash Crele?

No, Like Chris said if it's crossed somewhere with anouther type. A splash is a type all it's own. A miss-colored type is called a Sport.
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Okay so what should I call this color; the barring is actually more distinct than this crummy camera shows, and is powder blue instead of black and white. (I see I was mistaken, it doesn't have a white tail, I was thinking of one of the other birds.)

No "breed", just one of those "McMutts" from my sig. This particular one is a Game X Leghorn cross; a repeat breeding yielded blue barred and a blue barred with white wings and tail feathers, and several white birds with tiny flecks of color called erminette.
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If you know that its parents carry blue, then yes, that could possibly be a splash crele. Otherwise, I agree with Chris, many gamefowl with barring have a lot of white in the tail and often the secondary feathers, too.
Thanks! (makes sense, he's an F2 Game X Leghorn) That's about what he looks like, minus the flaring white tail; though I took another look at him today and see he does have some black tipped white feathers in his tail, so who knows what he'll look like as he matures? Certainly not me, I have the whole "litter" posted on Craig's List and just wanted to be as accurate as possible describing the color.

For some reason, I had it in my head that Crele was two colors of barring on the same bird like black and red, or blue and gold, and that "Dom"described single color barring, either blue, black or gold. You learn something everyday.
Well, yes they do carry blue; ,here's some from a repeat breeding.

*One*, that's one from the last breeding. The black and erminette chick are also from that hatch. The total was 5 black, 2 blue barred, and five white; four erminette, and one definite "splash" with the bold splotches, but that one wasn't as thrifty as the rest and I put it down.
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