Splash EE Ameraucana Cockerel

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    Feb 26, 2011
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    Dagwood, a splash cockerel, is an easter egger Ameraucana. He hatched from a true blue egg on 6/5/2011. His father is a large blue Ameraucana (see last picture of the blue rooster). His muffs and beard are nice and large, though wet in these pictures. He has a nice small pea comb, and his legs are slate color. He is currently free ranging, crowing, and completely ready for his own girls. We feed our chickens organic feed from Cascade, or when we can't get theirs, we use Scratch and Peck. Both feeds are corn and soy free and include probiotics. Dagwood would make a great rooster for your olive egger project. Looking for a good home, but not for dinner. $20 OBO, will consider a trade.

    Call or email Tania with any questions 360-570-2132
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