splash isbar??


7 Years
Oct 18, 2012
I believe this hatched as a supposed olive egger but I'm not for sure...are there any signs I could look for to know for sure. I have other OE's so I'm not sure who's laying the green eggs

Well I guess she can't be a pure isbar because I haven't set any green eggs. I'm pretty sure where she came from and and that it was an an OE egg.
No..i hatched eggs from a LOT of folks and didn't label anything. I sort of remember which pen this one was in but its still just a guess.

I've learned however that even if you buy a batch of pure breeds doesn't mean they all come out that way. Like that gold duckwing i posted...i believe that came from some wheaten/blue wheaten eggs i bought.
I don't know what breed she is, but she does look like a splash chicken. Do you know what color egg is she laying? She looks Isbarish, but without knowing I would for sure I would not breed her as an Isbar. Good luck with your pretty pullet!
I don't have any plans to breed her, I was just curious what she might be. She does look splash but I'm not sure if its feasible to get a splash cross breed. If I were to speculate that she is from a blue Isbar roo over a black copper Marans hen, is it possible?
I'm also still not certain what sort of egg she lays but I believe its green and speckled

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