Splash Silkie Roo and Blue Hen, about 1-1/2 yrs old.

Silkie horsechick

8 Years
Apr 12, 2011
Northwest Pennsylvania
It is with great pain I am listing "Supersplash" and "Munchkin"
My blue pen is overloaded and therefore I am offering these proven producers.
Munchkin has not quite come all the way back from molt, but is a super cute blue.
Supersplash is a "black" splash and has produced this same color and pattern in numerous chicks.
(sorry - he's a little dirty, but no smut in the hackles , just dirt - it's cold here !)

Feet are both great (however Supersplash recently lost a nail )
I originally purchased Supersplash from Reese Poultry and Munchkin came from a local silkie breeder.
They are both easy going and not bossy or cocky and I'm sure would fit in anywhere.

Thanks for your consideration.
Any questions, just Email me!

I am near Meadville, PA, or Andover, Ohio, or I will ship.

supersplash with pullet from him.

Product of Supersplash:

Munchkin this summer:

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