Splash Silkie Rooster "Salt"

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    I am unfortunately forced to rehome my Splash Silkie rooster due to fighting. He was nearly killed by my other rooster. "Salt" is currently in rehab, but if anyone needs a new Silkie rooster he would be ready in 2-3 weeks.
    I'd prefer not to ship. I'm west of Binghamton, NY in Tioga County.

    About "Salt": He was hatched in June 2010, and has four toes on each foot, but would still make a great pet or if bred to a five toed hen the offspring would have five toes. His color is good; crest not spectacular, was detroyed by other rooster but will grow back in a few months. He has a nice fluffy tail and feathers.

    If you are interested in him please PM me.

    Photo from early spring 2011:


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