splash sizzle, from mille x white,can he make mille babies?

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    Nov 7, 2008
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    Color question for you Genetics Gurus, please!

    I have a "Sizzle" chick, his parents are a white Silkie mom, and a Mille Fleur Cochin dad.

    He looks like he is going to be a very pretty Splash color, although is only 6 wks old, so I'm sure markings will change.

    My question is: If I breed him back to one of my unrelated white silkies, what are my color possibilities? And is it possible that I can get some F2 Mille Fleur Sizzles out of it?

    Thanks!! [​IMG]

    Oh, and here's another probably kinda "out there" thought... Is there a way to get a Columbian Sizzle out of this???

    Sorry, I've been reading up on colors til my eyes cross, and I am still pretty clueless...
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    I'm not sure about the different color possibilities since white can hide alot. For sure you won't get any mille fleur because mottling is recessive so unless your white silkie carries it (which is very doubtful) then you won't get any. Also I believe mille fleur is wheaten based so you would have to cross back to millie to get more mille fleur or cross the f1s together. [​IMG]

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