Splash True Ameraucana Cockerel

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    Feb 26, 2011
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    This young cockerel is a true Ameraucana. He hatched from a lovely blue egg on 6/5/2011. His father is a large, handsome, blue Ameraucana and his mother was either a splash Ameraucana or a blue Ameraucana hen (We hatched several Ameraucanas this year and I don't know who is who). He is a standard size Ameraucana with pure blue/black/splash genes. The eggs are very blue and are ranging from medium-large to large in size. I don't know what he is going to look like when he gets all of his adult feathers in, but I believe that his head is going to have a lot of blue. His muff and beard is a nice size and his legs are slate color. He will make an excellent rooster for your Ameraucana hens. He just started a little tentative crowing a couple of days ago. Right now, he is free ranging with his hatch mates. We only feed our birds organic feed from Cascade, or when we can't get theirs, we use Scratch and Peck. Both feeds are corn and soy free and include probiotics. All of our birds are very healthy and happy. I will email more pictures if you are interested. I have pictures of the blue eggs these birds lay as well as chick pictures and parent pictures. ****For local pickup only (Olympia, Wa)

    This last one is his daddy:
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