Splash x Cuckoo silkie genetics etc.

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    I found a list a while back on the internet saying all of the breeding information for colors.

    It said cuckoo x white = (and then what percentage of chicks would be what).

    Could somebody please post what happens when to mate two colors together.
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  3. SundownWaterfowl

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    No. Thats not it. But thanks though.

    It was an actual list of what you get when you breed the different colors together.
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    Crosses with whites are one of the hardest to answer due to the fact that white is not really a color, it's a gene that "prevents" the color genes a bird has from expressing.

    A white bird can be any color, any pattern only you cannot see it due to them being masked by white. Ironically, a white bird could be the deepest, solidest black all over.

    In a sense, questions like this are almost like asking "what do I get if I cross a cuckoo with anything out there?"

    One reliable answer would be probably get all colored chicks, unless the cuckoo carries white then it will be half white chicks. Black and cuckoo is dominant so probably can assume that most if not all will be cuckoo but with poor barring and the black probably will show a lot of off-color showing through. That's still pretty much an educated guess, I would not be too shocked if something such as a buff, partridge or "uh what color/pattern is that?" shows up.
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    Another question.

    What would:

    Splash x Calico produce:
    Splash x Black produce:
    Buff x Calico produce:
    Buff x Black produce:
    Partridge x Calcio:
    and Partridge x Black

    Thanks in advance
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