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    Hi , one of my BR 2 week old chicks has splay leg ( I think ) . I have noticed her sitting down a lot and her right leg seems to be sticking out to the side . I got her out of the brooder box and set her on the floor of my living room and she would sit down right away . I would try and stand her up and she would sit down right away . I plan on taking her to work with me tomorrow ( I work for a vet ) and see if one of the Dr's can help me splint her legs . I"m not sure if it's splay leg or not but from everything i have read and looked up ... it sure sounds like it . What to do ?? Is the chick going to grow out of it ? Should I seperate her from the rest ? How long do I keep the splint on her ,
    ? Does the splint need to be changed every day ?? I feed the dumor chick starter and clean their box out every 2 days . I use pine shavings on the floor and the temp stays at 90 degrees . these are my first chicks , I purchased them at a day old . Any help would be great !! Thanks
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