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May 9, 2012
It's very sad to see my guinea with a splayed leg. I changed the splint because the leg was still sticking behind him like a dead weight but now he isn't getting up. Oops. I've never had to deal with this, so please help! If someone could give me advice, what the keet will do, look like, etc. when I splint them, I would really appreciate it. Since I don't know anything about this, I feel like I'm doing everything wrong.
And now the others are pecking at him. Is that bad or is it a comforting thing?
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I usually have to help the keets that I treat for splayed legs up onto their feet a quite few times on and off for a day or so before they figure out how to walk with the brace on. It helps to have as soft and thin of a brace as possible too.. I use a thin strip of vetwrap, loosely dallied around each leg, but pressed together so it sticks to itself and helps it stay on, and then I press and twist the ends together where they meet in the middle between the legs (I'm not saying this is the only way to brace a keet's legs, it's just what reliably works for me). Here's a pic, not the best brace I've ever put on a keet, lol it's a little thicker than I normally like, but maybe you get the general idea of what I was trying to describe?

Make sure you have the legs braced only as far apart as a normal keet's legs are, too long of a brace, allowing too much distance between the legs doesn't keep his legs lined up or force him to walk correctly.

The other keets pecking at him isn't a good thing, and may cause him extra stress hindering his effort/drive to try to get up on his feet and walking... so you may need to divide the brooder with a piece of hardware cloth and give the keet a calm buddy for a day or 2 until he adjusts and is up and around. You'll also want to make sure he is eating and drinking.

Good luck with him, hope he adjusts and you are able to fix/heal him.
Usually takes 2-3 days of being braced, if it's caught early enough and braced up so the wobbled out leg joints doesn't get injured any further, but this one may need a few extra days... how old is he, and how many days has he been this way?
Hopefully you caught it in time to help him heal up and be fine. Is there any way you can post some pics of him, holding him up (facing the camera) with his legs hanging down relaxed? Just curious if he really has splayed leg or if the femur is possibly rotated.
Here is the best I can do right now. I'll try to get a better one where he is I'm holding him when I have someone to help me because they aren't used to me yet( we've only had them two days and whenever anyone is around they panic and I don't want to hurt the injured one any more). The first is of the leg being dragged and in the second the keet is facing to the right so the leg on the right is the normal one and the one to the left is the hurt one. His leg is completely twisted around and he drags it like a dead weight but I've held him and it isn't limp. I'll try and post another picture later. As you can see, my splinting job isn't great but I don't want to mess it up more. If it is just a splayed leg I'll try making the splint look like yours. Thanks! You've been a great help! And if you can tell by this picture if it's splayed or not that would be really nice.
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Oh My! I am anxiously awaiting PeepsCA's answer on this. I myself know nothing about this but feel your pain.
Hoping it is able to be fixed!
Poor thing. I don't think that is a splayed leg but wait and let PeepsCa answer. Splayed legs are more out to the side like the splits. This guy looks like it is behind him. I think as he grows, it is going to be harder and harder for him to move around and he will be on his chest more. But hear from PeepsCa first. She will know.

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