splayed/spralled legs and crooked toes

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    May 6, 2008
    im new to this, sorry, ive read a few ways to fix the legs and toes, but my baby is a couple weeks old already. my boyfriends mother brought 27 chickens for me to care for in our home until they are big enough to take out to the coop. immediately i noticed one of the hbabies seemed to be doing the splits and it couldnt get to the food or water and the other chickens were picking on it so i took it out and took on the huge responsibility of hand feeding it. I wanted to associate it with other birds so I took out another bird that was black(my original splayed leg one is yellow) that was about the same size and got them used to each other. They are very nice and sleep on my shoulders under my hair and my yellow one loves to be held and im very attatched. Now, my question is, will my bird be in pain for the rest of its life? and will her legs effect her lifespan? they sseem to be getting better, she runs around really fast and seems to be getting better but she chirps really loud and im not sure if it is just because she wants attention or if she is in any pain. her toes are still very crooked but she seems to be walking very well. Thank you for any help id like any information.

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