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    The pair of scientists walked along the lab wall, taking notes and observations from the test tubes that lined the wall. Inside each tube was a teenage human, some male, some female. They floated in liquids, being kept alive by breathing masks.
    The pair stopped at one specific tube, in which floated a girl.She had long nails that were more representing of claws, and cat-like ears on the top of her head instead of the normal human ears at the sides. feint stripe patterns were dark on her skin. A striped tail coming from the base of her spine floated out from behind her, occasionally twitching involuntarily.
    "This one is the most interesting so far" one scientist said, flicking through the notes on his clipboard. "She has shown the fastest genetic change out of all the subjects."
    "what genes did we trial on her" asked the other scientist.
    "Bengal Tiger" the first replied.

    Elaborate genetic testing with lots of time and money have led to this...

    1. In order to play you need to create a form covering the requirements below and wait for me to accept your character before using them.
    2. ANY creature's genes can be used for your character, including dinosaurs and mythical creatures such as dragons, wyverns, griffins, etc. simply list the genes of ordinary animals used the create the right genetic combination. For example, if your choice is the griffin, the required animal genes would be eagle and lion. Dragon would be any bird, any lizard, any other animal with the required body shape, eg horse, etc.
    3. The main genetic base for your character must be human. theycan have any assortment of ears, tails, wings, horns, etc. but they must be recongizable as mostly human.


    genetic splice


    name: Tigra
    gender: female
    Genetic Splice: Bengal Tiger
    Personality: Fierce, headstrong, determined, protective of the things close to her, wary of strangers and those who could do her harm.
    other: none
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    Hey! Wow, this RP looks really cool! I might join later (If i get the courage! I'm not very good at RPing. Haha!), a few questions though. What are the rules? Guidlines when choosing a Gene splice for your character? I will definitly be stalking this RP. Haha!
    Thank you!
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    (this is my newest rp. also, thankyou for reminding me i need to add rules.)
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    Jun 18, 2013
    (I'll join for sure! Just let me design someone...)
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    Name: Alastair
    gender: male
    genetic splice: Raven and a little bit of bat
    personality: Sometimes a bit immature, making some people avoid him. Friendly, but only to the people he trusts, which is not a lot due to his background. Overall, an easy-going person, although shy near new people.
    picture: (I'll draw it later)
    other: He's 17 years old, and good at combat and pretty agile. Due to his small amount of bat in his blood, he has fangs on his bottom row of teeth.
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    Quote:(accepted! i am currently searching for a temporary picture.)
  8. Name:Winter
    Genetic splice:Red Fox
    Personality:Cunning, Clever
    Picture:Sorry I'm on my Tablet
    Other:Just search wolf girl, then look for the red-headed fox girl
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    Quote:(ok will do!)
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    (there were lots of pictures, so i picked one i thought you'd like.)
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