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    Ok for those of us that have a lot of different breeding trio's or plus , breeding pens/ or small coops that breed for hatching eggs or chicks during the warmer months , do you serpared your different breeds of Roo's vs Hens during the colder weather when laying is slow and sales are down like in late Fall / or Winter time , do you place all the Roo's in one larger coop/ run and the Hens in another .

    I have a few ( 6 -8 as of now )breeding trio's with different breeding pens during the warmer months and now in the colder weather I have split the Roo's to one spot/run in the main coop and the females to another spot and run , leaving the breeding pens and smaller coops empty for the winter for now or using them for other raising of younger birds not in breeding .

    I also do the same with my turkeys after breeding and laying season, I have a larger pen to whole all my turkeys breed both male and female .

    I do this only becuz I live up here in the northeast where the late Fall and Winter months are cold and always snowy so it's a lot less work feeding andd watering them during this time and I know that they will be less chance of mixing breeds or mutts coming about for the next breeding season

    Do any of you Do the same , This year I will be having to be adding 15 more breeding pens and in which I will have to add on to the main coop and larger pens for the winter for the cold months or build another very large coop and pen .

    thanks Alan

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