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    Oct 3, 2012
    Although my chickens are out all day in the garden and they have their corn, pellets and shell ... I still make them up a tray of mixed food including porridge, rice, vegetables etc and keep it in what I now call the 'Clucky Fridge' just for them and its given to them once a day but although they are a really healthy size they do not appear to be overweight and are happily laying every day ... Can you over feed a chicken that is active all day?
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    The issue is how much protein are they getting? Their pellets are developed with optimum proportions of protein and carbs and whatnot, but boosting the protein a few percentage points wouldn't hurt. Usually, though, treats dilute/lower the amount of daily protein the chickens actually ingest. Your treats were high in carbs, and like children do with candy, chickens will fill up on treats more than their regular, balanced meals.

    So they might not be getting all the protein they need.

    Maybe. I'm just explaining how chickens can be "overfed" but still active.

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