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12 Years
Jan 14, 2008
I have a 2001 1502 with electronic thermostat. My brother bought it from the breeder, along with his flock.

We plugged it in last night, then figured out how to do the back thermostat, but it won't get the temp past 94.

Any body have any ideas?? I also have the red light flashing, but can't find any explaination in the instructions....tomorrow I will call them.

Thanks!! The Dominique eggs are waiting!!

Thanks y'all!!!

The online manual basically says disregard the temp on the thermometer, go ahead and put the eggs in and pray!! OK, it doesn't say pray, but that's the jist of it!!

Put the eggs in, and leave 'em alone! OK, OK!!

We start tomorrow!

I'll PM you my # if I get lost again! Thanks!!

OK, it doesn't say pray, but that's the jist of it!!

If the Sportsman were made in Oklahoma, it would say Pray !!

Turns out it was the thermometer! Got out my instant read cooking therm. and *voila* 102!! So now I am trying to get it down to 99....

The online instuctions are SO different from the ones I have!! Like I am not confused enough already!

Do you all leave your wick on the hygrometer? It says (in the NEW instructions) not to leave the wick on more than 6 hours...but then I am really clumsy and slow.... I don't want to have the door open long enough to do that every day, do I??

Thanks for everyone's help! I want to think that MY hatch is crucial to the future of the Dominique breed!! OK, maybe not....

ACK!! No, don't wash them!!!

If they are funky, rub the grossest stuff off w/a dry paper towel or rag. They need the "bloom" that coats the egg as a barrier to keep out bacteria that could pass through the shell and prevent your eggs from developing.
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You don't think I should wash them? My friend gave me some super duper 100% hatch egg wash stuff, and swore it helped her hatchability. She got it from a hatchery guy!!

Some of them are pretty dirty.....


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