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  1. i am just finishing up the design for my bator and would like to make it so that I can install an auto turner in the future I haven't decided to make it to accept a sportsman turner or a standard smaller turner.

    Does anyone have the interior dimensions of a sportsman incubator?

    Also does anyone have dimensions of a standard (hovabator, little giant, etc) egg turner

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    The HovaBator needs 15 1/2 inches to have clearance for the fan motor that extends a bit past the actual plastic frame of the turner unit. The plastic is 15"x 15"

    That is a good idea if you have problems making a turner you could use one or two Hovabator turners and you would be able to hatch 84 eggs.
  3. Thanks

    My plan is to make a turner, but if i get sick of manually turning 3 times a day I will be able to purchase one later
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    My 1202 Sportsman inside measurements are:
    Width 14 1/2 inches
    Depth 28 inches
    Overall height 30 inches
    Height of turner space 22 inches
    The other 8 inches at the top is occupied by the heat, fan, and humidity pan etc.
    HTH db
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