Spot any roosters in this bunch?


11 Years
Sep 23, 2008
Thurston County, WA
It's soo hard to tell I have no idea!! They are pretty flighty and usually run away from me (unlike my barred rocks to run to me). Still I haven't spotted any significant comb development and they are 6-7 weeks old



All hens? Or is there no way to tell with this breed (Cochin/silkie) until later?

Thanks in advance! Lara
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those chickens are so coool

they look awesome

looking at them id say all hens but when u said they have some silkie in them i may be wrong as silkies are impossible to sex...not impossible but real hard
ha I knew they were cochin silkie crosses. They look like hens to me, but who knows with silkies. Those birds are awesome, though. Pfft they are so cute.
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I would vote all hens myself. I have some frizzled cochin/silkie X cochin chicks about the same age and the roos are pretty obvious, although one I thought was a roo might be a hen.
Thanks ya'll!! I love them too. I hope that they are all hens, I almost got rid of them a few weeks back...they aren't too bright...even for a chicken. However once their colors started coming in I couldn't part with them, they are just too nice to look at!

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