Spraddle Leg - chances of success at 3-4 days?

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  1. sundance300

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    Jun 19, 2008
    I had a silky chick hatch 3-4 days ago.
    I found her egg outside the box as she was pipping and figured she was weak from being cold when she finally hatched out. At the end of day two I started to worry. I finally was able to get online and think she has spraddle legs.
    I plan to put the hobble on tommorrow, but I'm wondering if just how much of a chance of improvement she'll have seeing as she's 3-4 days old.
    She's always been on either paper shavings or ground corn cob litter. And seems to be in good health despite being unable to walk properly.
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    Dec 21, 2007
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    if I were you, I would try the hobble.

    and maybe switch the bedding to that non-slip rubber-type cabinet/shelf liner..for better grip.
    easy to clean and reuse.

    I'd also get some chick vitamins if you don't have them..

    you can use Poly-vi-sol liquid baby vitamins, Enfamil brand, no iron..
    2 drops in beak once a day for a week..then taper off..
    a little electrolyte might not hurt.
    but still get the chick vitamins.

    is she able to eat and drink?
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  3. I agree. I have fixed a couple that had spraddle legs. The first one i put on at day three. I was a little slow to find out what i had to do but am glad i did because the chick started getting on well after only a couple of hours after i put it on it. Good luck with it, I hate seeing them struggling to crawl around.[​IMG]:fl
  4. sundance300

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    Jun 19, 2008
    I've seen her dip her head in the chick waterer and drink. I've been supplementing her with a syringe though just in case. As for food. She ate some while on my lap. In the brooder she's more often then not flapping around trying to snuggle with someone while so I haven't seen her eating there.
    I'll have to see about getting the vitamins tommorrow.
    As for hobbles, she's a tiny thing, our smallest chick and that's including chicks of our Robin-sized lot.
    I've tried cut surgical tape to account for her size. How much should this hinder her movement? Currently she's got both legs behind her looking rather like a disgruntled rubber chicken.
    And where exactly is the hock? The anatomy picture showed below the 'knee' bend or is the hock the actual joint?

    And what causes this exactly? It's possible the sire of this chick is my black silkie rooster (we have a white and a black with this lot) and he was definately the sire of a chick with the same prob some years before. Is it possible this is genetic?
  5. i beleive it is the whole section below the knee. as for how much what i did was use a band-aid. i left the padded part for a distance separater, but if it is that tiny then you probably want to try to aim for a distance about the width of the body minus a little bit.

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