Spraddle Leg severity - one leg buckled inwards

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    Feb 22, 2014
    Hello! Firstly I want to say I really love your forum/site, it has helped me a lot so far lately.

    Okay, so the story is that my neighbors had abandoned their chickens about a year ago and now we have rogue chickens running around the neighborhood. They're not destructive or anything and all of us just accepted that they're going to be around for a while. Suddenly last week, two of these hens decided to roost on our yard and one of them has at least twelve baby chicks. Well one of these chicks was crying most of the day and I had to check out the situation because earlier that day a chick was stuck between a rock and a bucket and I helped it out, thinking it was the same sort of situation.

    I checked the hen's nest and I saw a little baby chick chirping loudly to the side. It couldn't walk at all and I knew if I didn't take it in it would die. The hen really didn't want anything to do with it.

    After some research I learned that the chick has spraddle leg and I fashioned it a splint out of VetRap. (I also bought a lamp, chick feed, nesting material, and consulted my neighbor who knows a lot about raising chickens so I have a nice little set up for the chick in our home).

    Well it's been a week and the chick can walk fairly well but I noticed that one of his legs hasn't healed correctly.



    One leg is completely fine it's just the other tends to have a mind of its own. Sometimes it's positioned fine but most of the time it's pointing towards the side. I realized that the VetRap was moving up towards the leg (the upper joint) and probably has caused it. So today (a week after his daring rescue) my mom and I replaced the VetRap with a band-aid and it seems like the splint is staying stuck at its proper place.

    I want to know if there's anyway to fix it or that it'll get fixed on its own. It's still a week old so I would like to fix it while there's still time.

    We named it Pocoyo btw but the name might change because we always end up changing the name later on for some reason.
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    Sometimes they fix themselves with the bandaid on there sometimes they don't. If it doesn't correct itself with the bandaid on there it then becomes a quality of life issue. I have one about 5 months old that never corrected no matter what I did to help. I kept her alive because her mother was a great flyer and taught her how to fly where she wanted to go. She sleeps in a nest on the raised coop floor and even flys into the coop on her own. If she wasn't such a great flyer and able to do things on her own I would have had to cull her because of low quality of life.
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    Feb 22, 2014
    Yeah I figured that not all chicks would be able to heal in a tip top shape. My chick and his/her flock are great fliers too so I'll consider to wait a while till we make any major choices but what you wrote gave me hope things will turn out alright for my chick.
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