sprawled Legs on 4 day old chicks Help!! With Pictures


9 Years
Apr 24, 2010
I have 2 chicks that have bad legs one is hoping on 1 foot the other just flops and can't get up at all . The other 2 chicks are larger and hatched with much less effort, the eggs were much larger as well. I had 2 days were the humidity got real low 15-20 % .2 days before lock down the rest of time the humidity was about 38-42% and in lock down it was 70-72%. could those 2 days have caused this? Is there anything I can do for them to fix there legs?It kills me to see the 1 that cant get up should I put it out of its misery? Here are some Pictures any help would be great!!.

]Click on picture to enlarge.
Take a pipe cleaner and make a figure eight at the top of the legs holding the legs in place, it can really help spraddle leg. Also give the baby a drop of poly-vi-sol infant drops with NO IRON. You can get it anywhere they sell vitamins.
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