spray-painting the coop roof... will it hurt the chickens?


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Apr 9, 2010
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So my coop is made out of an old playhouse, and the roof is faded and cracked and desperately needs a new coat of paint. I bought some spray-paint for plastic, but then I wondered if it would be safe for the chickens. I had a cockateil growing up and I seem to remember that birds were really sensitive to toxic sprays.

A little more info in case it helps...

The roof is about 4' by 10'. The run is 15'X15" but I could close all the chickens out in my yard while I do it EXCEPT I have a mama sitting on eggs about 10 feet from the coop that I wouldn't be able to move.

It is HOT here today-- haven't checked the weather but I'm guessing 110 so it will be dry almost instantly and I'm only planning on doing a light coat.

I'm also planning on using posterboard so there won't be any overspray... however I can't do anything about the fumes.

What do you think?
If you are doing a light coat, try putting a fan blowing the opposite direction of the broody. it shouldn't hurt her with just a small amount of fumes though. When i had my little babies, they were in the same barn as the tractor. started the tractor up and nothing fazed them. It was a 4 sided buildin with a door. Just opened the door. I didn't have the tractor up real heavy so there was proabably as much gas fumes as there will be paint fumes. They should be just fine. Good Luck
I wouldn't worry about it. You're outdoors, and it will evaporate quickly.

In fact, you might want to wait until it's cooler
110 is really TOO hot to be on a roof
It's only 5' tall... so I won't have to be "on" it-- but you're right, 110 is too hot for ANYTHING. I'll do it tonight when it cools down.
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