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SPreading the news to help the victims!

Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by Chic CAN, Oct 10, 2013.

  1. Chic CAN

    Chic CAN The Wisdom Chaser Premium Member

    Here the news article. This happened last week. Please let others know. Thank you!



    This is a copy of the letter from the owner to one of the talk shows to help get the word out.

    Hi Ellen, I am writing to you in hopes you will help spread the word of the help we need. I am from Wall, South Dakota and we had a horrible blizzard here October 4, that killed thousands and thousands of cattle and horses. There has not been any national coverage or help. Our state needs help in finding our animals. We are all in heartache as this is how we make a living, and is also how everyone else in the United States eats. Our own President hasn't even acknowledged the natural disaster we are in. This picture is of some horses my family lost in the storm. We lost 10 out 13 horses and are devastated by the loss, which doesn't even count the thousands of cattle that was lost by some of our neighbors. People say this is animal cruelty but it is not. The animals did not have their winter fur yet and nobody knew the weather was going to turn like this. We are desperate to find our animals that may still be alive and need help and all the money that was lost in all the animals that have died. We are talking millions and millions of dollars that we cannot get back. Please help us in our time of need.
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  2. MEMama3

    MEMama3 Songster

    May 23, 2013
    Vacation Land; Maine
    That is heart wrenching.
  3. Chic CAN

    Chic CAN The Wisdom Chaser Premium Member

    It is [​IMG]
  4. Will pray for them.....
  5. Chic CAN

    Chic CAN The Wisdom Chaser Premium Member

    Me too.
  6. kytkat

    kytkat Songster

    Oh that's dreadful, I would hate to hear or even see the heartache's of other people. [​IMG]

    Most of the time are president won't do crap for this country.
  7. Chic CAN

    Chic CAN The Wisdom Chaser Premium Member

    I know :(

  8. SilkiesForEver

    SilkiesForEver Crowing

    Mar 24, 2012
    Sacramento, CA
    I keep reading things on this. It's so horribly heartwrenching. Makes my gut hurt thinking about what those ranchers are going through.
  9. Chic CAN

    Chic CAN The Wisdom Chaser Premium Member

    Yeah is does... many prayers. Maybe I should move this over to RR.

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