Spring 2015 CFPBA "Orange Blossom Special" Inverness,FL

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  1. ChicksinFL

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    Aug 11, 2011
    The Central Florida Poultry Breeders is holding it's annual Spring Double Points show March 7th in Inverness,FL the show has a new name the Orange Blossom Special but is the same show it's always been.

    The following breed clubs are holding meets at the show.

    • American Bantam Association -- Special Meet
    • American Brahma Club -- Special Meet
    • Cochins International -- Special Meet
    • Modern Game Bantam Club of America -- State Meet
    • Old English Game Bantam Club of America -- Special Meet
    • Polish Breeders Club -- Special Meet
    • Rosecomb Bantam Federation -- Special Meet
    • American Serama Association -- Tabletop Judging
    • American Silkie Bantam Club -- Special Meet
    • Wyandotte Breeders of America -- State Meet
    • National Call Breeders of America -- State Meet

    The PDF version of the show catalog can be found here http://www.cflpoultrybreeders.org/docs/2015 Orange Blossom Special Catalog.pdf

    The club website has an entry form online and all show info is updated weekly http://www.cflpoultrybreeders.org

    For the most up to date information you can visit the club facebook page https://www.facebook.com/CentralFloridaPoultryBreedersAssociation?ref=br_tf
  2. pidgey104

    pidgey104 Cochins R Us

    Nov 10, 2007
    Panama City ,Florida
    Looking to prepay for some buff silkies
  3. ahgarland8

    ahgarland8 In the Brooder

    Jan 27, 2015
    summerfield Fl
    Looking to prepay for some Orpingtons!
  4. fenderpoultry1

    fenderpoultry1 In the Brooder

    Jun 17, 2011
    North Central Florida
    I am bringing a SQ Buff Orpington cockerel to sell, he will be entered in the show. Also looking for a few pullets for a friend, she just needs some layers, does not matter which breed.

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