Spring Swap Meets In Midwest Wisconsin (April)

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  1. Small animal auction, Equity sales Barn, Altoona Wisconsin
    April 19

    West Central Wis. Pigeon and Poultry Club Swap Meet, Wheaton Park & Fire Station, West of Chippwea Falls, Off of State Hwy 29
    April 26
  2. Quote:Has anyone been the the Equity small animal sale before??? I have not been there yet, but was planning on going. Just curious as to what kind of animals they will have at this...
    I have been to there livestock auctions, but never the small animal ones.
  3. yeah weve been tehre a few times. there always alot of rabbits. but quiet a few chickens too. we have boughten birds teher but havent tried selling there..
  4. Quote:ok...do you know if they have sheep, llamas, anything along those line of animals???
    Always looking for sheep. And a llama or two would be nice... [​IMG]
  5. i know tehre were alot of goats, and i think 5 llamas were tehre, a few calves, but i dont remeber any sheep tehre
  6. Quote:Okay..Thanks..Llama's are always a good addition for me to get... [​IMG] Just picked up some goats, so unless I find a female there CHEAP I probably will have to pass on that [​IMG]
    Thanks again for the info..
  7. i kind of want to buy a sheep but i dont want to pay much for it.. tahts probably all i would look for.. unless some chickens or something taht i want
  8. happychicken22

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    Feb 14, 2008
    Stacy, MN
    What time does the auction start? Do you have an address for it? I've never been before but would like to go, it's a good 2 hour drive for me. Any more details whould be great! Thanks![​IMG]
  9. kjgoodman

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    Dec 26, 2012
    Are there any calendars for where swap meets are being held in western wisconsin in 2013?

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