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    Jan 15, 2014
    Hello all, my name is Frankie Klimek. For the last four weeks I have been on a crusade to gain the support needed to change my city's laws concerning fowl. For those of you who don't know about Springdale, AR, we are the home of Tyson Foods and Georges, Inc., and they don't allow chickens in the city limits. Finding the support I need has been tough, but, due to the fact that I am so handsome and well-spoken, I was able to get sponsorship on the proposed ordinance tonight. I did this all by myself, and therein lies the problem. This is a community issue and although I know many more people are interested, no one is speaking up! This could be because they don't care to dabble in politics, or, this could be because they don't realize that anyone is out there fighting to get the laws changed. I believe this is mostly to do with the latter of the two.

    I have a local news station interested in the story, but they have not committed to this yet. It's kind of hard to get them to bite on it when I have no significant support. It's also equally hard to get the message to the masses when I have zero dollars to work with and no support from the media. So, what the heck am I supposed to do? I have two weeks to gain some major support. I meet with my city council member again in two weeks. If I can show her that 1) the proposal covers all of the major issues (which it does, it is a work of art), and 2) that I have the "support of the community," then she will sponsor the ordinance and take it to a committee vote.

    I am new to this backyard chicken community, in fact, this is my second or third post. I haven't made a contribution to this community -YET- so I feel a little of place asking for your help, but, my back is against the wall.

    Does anyone have experience with changing/passing/repealing ordinances and if so, how did you go about getting the word out to the community?

    Any input you have is welcomed with open arms.
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    Jan 27, 2014
    Hello Frankie!
    I am writing a piece for the new magazine, Edible Ozarkansas, about the urban chicken laws in our area. I would love to talk to you in more depth about what is going on in Springdale. Would you mind dropping me an e-mail and letting me interview you for the story? I'm at [email protected].
    Also, I'd love to talk to anyone else involved in the Springdale chicken ordinance.
    Thanks so much!
    DeLani Bartlette

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