Spurs almost grown back into roosters leg


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Feb 17, 2010
East Hartland, CT
My 2 year old bantam rooster has very long and sharp spurs. When i picked him up yesterday, i noticed that the were growing up into his leg. Ive seen some pictures of roosters that this has happened to but i dont want ti to happen to him. I dont really want to twist it off because i like his spurs. I just need to know the safest way to cut some of it off. Thanks
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Our roo's either curves behind, or into leg. We just remove about a 1/3" with a hacksaw (28 teeth per inch). Takes about 10 min. to trim the `scimitar' spur (plopped on his side and secured on one of our laps while the `spurricurist' removes the excess). The `overgrowth' below (before and after pics - dressing was for bumblefoot) took a little longer (20min). Definitely shorten up (even if only a little by using file/emery board) before the spur makes contact with leg. Some folks use Dremels, etc. Our roo pretty much goes into trance while being attended to (no binding in kerf/very little chance of accidental injury from this kind of blade).


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My first silkie roo was that way and I cut them back and I had a sliver polish roo that his went straight out and he got to where he couldnt walk so I had to cut his too. Be careful as they will bleed if you cut to much.
I just cut a little off today. I like the look of long spurs. Since hes a bantam i just used the dog clippers, thanks for the idea Cloverleaf Farm. Im gunna have to do my Maran soon though. Im thinking of using a Dremel. Its probably quicker than a hacksaw.
We use a dremel all the time, but lately, I have decided to leave the spurs long and just blunt the ends. My DH uses protective gloves and I hold the bird so he doesn't accidentally cut into the bird's leg or his own fingers.

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