SQ Blrw, BBS Ameraucana, Buff Ameraucana, Polish and bantam mix breed

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  1. I'm looking for show Show quality

    -Blue lace red wyandotte - i have 1 pair of blrw i need more pullets

    -BBS Ameraucana - i have 1 blue cock and 1 blue pullet and 1 black pullet in need of pullets

    -Buff bantam Ameraucana - I have two pullets, ( i need pullets and a cock )

    - WC black polish, WC choclate polish, WC cuckoo, WC khaki. I don't have any polish but want to start breeding one of these color variety.

    - Mix breed bantams or pure breeds- i like silkie and cochin mix . ( i need of pullets only ) im going to put these in my easter egger pen. They could be pet (hatchery) quality pure breed bantams birds.

    Most be show quality ( execept the mix bantams )

    Most be located around ohio Im in tuscarawas county ( gnadenhutten ) For live birds

    Would be willing to buy eggs
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