SQ Blue Mottled Bantam Cochin pair~ quality~NPIP

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Jan 15, 2009
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I have this pair of very nice Show Quality Blue Mottled Cochin bantams. He is 5 months old, she is 4 months old. They are out of my Splash pen (Blue Mottled Roo over Splash hens). I have excellent stock from The Cochin Coop. You can see all my birds on my website, here are pics of the pair. I also have a listing for a very handsome Roo. Shipping goes by weight & zip code (PM me for price) and new box fee is $10. NPIP # 51-370, papers included. All my birds are healthy & clean, wormed & dusted for mites/lice. I vaccinate for Coryza in the Fall. I show my birds at the MSPFA in Frederick, MD in November. This is a buy it now, PM me to buy. Thanks for looking.

I took these pics today (8/31). Please email me if the PM doesn't work. tolbunt5(at)yahoo(dot)com
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Beautiful birds! Its a shame I live in VA!

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I am in Indiana and I have never bought birds that had to be shipped. Thank you though. I found a local breeder with some birds that I am going to look at later this week. I found her on this site. Best of luck selling your chicks

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