SQ Blue Mottled Bantam Cochin Pullet / pair Auction Ends 11/8/12 @ 6 pm


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Oct 22, 2008
Georgetown, Ohio
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My Coop
In preparation for winter, I have my last blue mottled pullet up for aution. She is 7 months old. starting bid is $60 and increments are $5, just post your bid in the reply. She is listed for sale at $100 so this is your chance to get a steal :) She will be available at the ON or I can ship the following monday. Shipping is $65. I also have a small splash cockerel that you can have with her if you'd like. He is smaller than the others so is probably just PQ, but his color is very nice.
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bidding has been extended until 6 tonight. I will be able to check later than I thought. Will the winner also please pm me as to whether she will be picked up or need to be shipped so I know if I need to pack her tonight.

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