SQ/BQ Partridge Rock Group: 4 hens/pullets and 1 roo in Central VA


11 Years
Feb 17, 2008
Montpelier, Virginia
Need to downsize the flock, and have decided to sell my LF Partridge Rock group. Most of these birds could show, rest are HIGH Breeder Quality. From Joel Gilman and Dick Horstman lines. Roo is 10 months old and still growing with great color, and you have your choice of 4 girls: I have 2 Joel hens (1 1/2) years old and 3 JoelxHorstman pullets (About 6-7 months old). Everyone is laying, but only about 3 per week per bird right now. I still get many requests for chicks but I don't hatch this time of year. These birds are STUNNING. Pictured below is a pullet at the VPBA show this past weekend. $100 for the 5-bird group. Located in Central VA, but I'm traveling to costal NC on Wednesday evening and could meet someone close to the highway.

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