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    What would be a good rule of thumb for raising a variety number of chicks? How much room do they need? Say 5 chicks, or 10 chicks, 15 chicks, and up to 20 chicks at one time.

    We have never hatched more then 4 eggs at one time so this has not been an issue for us. We just got the Brinsea Octagon 20 and I plan on trying to hatch up to 20 eggs. From what I have read we should hatch 15 plus chicks, so this will be a big change for us and I would like to accommodate the chicks with plenty of growing room.
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    I've had excellent hatches in the same model incubator. Including a 100% once. They are great incubators and very nice to use.

    Recommended brooder spaces per age of chick is:

    Up to 2 weeks: 0.5 sq ft per chick
    2-4 weeks: 1 sq ft per chick
    4-8 weeks: 2.5 sq ft per chick
    over 8 weeks: 4 sq ft per chick

    Good luck with your hatch!

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