SQ Mille Fleur D'Uccle ~ 6+ eggs


DownSouth D'Uccles & Silkies
12 Years
Jul 5, 2007
Sevier County, TN
I have 6 eggs collected yesterday, plus I'll add whatever I collect today.

Rooster has won 1st place in 3 poultry shows and 2 fairs over the past 2 years.
This isn't a good picture of him, he's actually even more beautiful now


Hens and pullets have won 1st & 2nd places in the same shows (poultry & fair).

Have had good hatches at home and so have my test-hatchers with shipped eggs.

Eggs are shipped USPS Priority, Continental US shipments only.
Wow. The first ones I hatched out were all girls LOL.
But the next batch were 50/50.

We've had a cold snap and no one laid today

But if that changes I'll keep you in mind. You still hatching year round?
Sounds good. I wasn't planning on hatching all year, but a dog got in my backyard and killed almost my whole flock of serama's, so I have what eggs I had saved in the incubator.
Oh NO!!!

So sorry to hear that.

DH is building me a Fort Knox coop with runs, but I worry about everyone when they free-range. We've been very lucky. Other than TN getting beat up by a dog, we've had no free-range losses. We're due because of the hawks that scope out the birds. So far the birds hide quickly and well.

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