SQ Russian Tumbler Pigeons, Groton Mass

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    Nov 25, 2009
    Central Vermont
    I'm trying to decrease my number of birds for a number of reasons (college in a few years, going broke feeding them, not enough space etc.) so i'm looking to sell a few of my pigeons. There pretty nice russian tumblers, they've placed well in shows that i'v entered them in, but i'v never done anything too big, they conform to the standard well though. They probably wouldn't be great flyers. I have a breeding pair that still have a few good years of breeding in them (they breed like mad) a few1 yr. olds, and an offspring from this year. Their in with my ringneck doves right now and they don't fight so i know their pretty friendly. I won't ship, but i will meet you halfway depending on where you live. If you want all of them i can cut you a deal, or if your just looking for a mate for a bird you have right now i can sex one of the younger ones, these birds would be a great starter flock for a kid in 4h, or just someone looking to get into pigeons. let me know if you want more pics or have questions.

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