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    Aug 30, 2007
    I'm on the lookout for some really nice Black Silkie eggs. While browsing Ebay, I saw an auction (that I don't want to bid on) advertising "12 Show Quality Assorted Bearded Silkie Eggs". Obviously that in itself is a far-fetched claim, as no egg is show quality and nobody can breed 100% show quality birds. The following line says that they are from a mixed colour flock. Is it possible to ever get a show quality bird from a mixed colour flock? Does this apply to any breed?
  2. here is your gamble, and this is why there is so much uproar in the silkie world.

    its a crap shoot when you are mixing colors. you can get show quality birds, and if they come out a pure, RECOGNIZED color then you could show them. The problem is that later breedings could produce anything and everything because of the genes they are carrying.

    mixed colors that aren't recognized as standard, can be shown in AOV.

    But mixing colors goes against everything that the standard bred bird stands for.

    Its also very "scam artist-ish" because uneducated buyers will buy them for unreasonable amounts of money thinking they are getting good eggs/birds, and after they decide to inform themselves and research, they realize they've been taken.
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    Feb 8, 2007
    I avoid auctions with people who use the "key words" to sell their mutts.
    Sure, they are pure bred silkies, and MAY come from show quality birds, but you will not probably get recognized colors. Get eggs from people who keep their colors seperate.

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