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    Feb 21, 2010
    6+ Bantam Assortment hatching eggs, whatever is laid yet tomorrow is extras!! I have 1 Porcelain D'uccle egg so far, 1 Mille Fleur D'uccle (jim rust line), 1 Buff Brahma Bantam (jim rust line), 1 Blue Brassyback OEG, 2 Bearded Belgium Quail D'anver so far (1 from each show pen and is unrelated to eachother). Eggs will be marked by breed and Pen #1 or Pen #2 so you know which are outcrosses to eachother. Here is a chance to add unrelated line to your current bantam programs...or for fun! I will ship these eggs on Weds, after gathering extras today and tomorrow. Any questions, just PM me.
    Relisting this, we now have 2 Porcelain Duccle eggs, another Blue Brassyback OEG, BB D'anver, and whatever is laid yet tomorrow by 4pm.... or i will be putting all these in the bator by Friday. Anyone interested is welcome to PM or... will sell to first bidder to get out quickly on Weds or will just ship when payment is made. If someone just wants the Duccle eggs...i can price for just those also, and send out quickly.

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