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    Jun 15, 2008
    Is anyone here raising pigeons for squab? What breed do you find that are the most prolific, best parents, raise the most and heaviest squab? What are you feeding them? Butchering, recipies, etc? And on top of it all, what are you providing for housing, nesting,, etc.? In other words, anything that I can get to pick your brain!!!
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    We raise doves but as pets not to eat. My husband dove hunts and the wild doves he brings home for HIS dinner are just a little bigger than my tame doves. Doves lay 2 eggs a month but if allowed to hatch them they will raise the young which takes about 8 weeks between laying the eggs. Doves are excellent parents with both male and female sitting on the nest and feeding the babies. So with the parents doing all the work the babies are easy to raise :) There are specific doves feeds but my guys prefer a mix of wild bird seed, the nut mix wild bird food (all sunflower, safflower, seeds and nuts), and chick starter. The individual birds will sit and pick out their favorite seed.

    Foy's Pigeon Supplies is a wealth of knowlege and a great source for meds etc should you need them. Since our birds are indoors in a controlled environment we haven't had any medical issues with the birds, but I know coccidia is a corcern for many breeders.

    I believe pigeons are basically the same but I can't swear to it.
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    I raise Texas Pioneer pigeons. They are for showing and squabing.
    I started with three paire in the spring and now have seven breeding pair. And I even pulled half the young for squabing. Egg hatches in two weeks and the squab is ready to butcher in four weeks. Six week turn around. And the parents will lay two more eggs before the first squabs are four weeks.

    I think they are the best breed for squabing. I wanted a healthy meat sorce that I could raise myself, that is chemical free.

    I feed four tipes of grain Corn, wheet, milo and peas. that give them all they need. I also give vitamines in there water.

    My daughter has her first pigeon show on Saturday here in Texas. She is showing a cock and hen that we raised.

    I can give you a lot more info. I will PM you my number and we can talk by phone if you want. Thats more easy for me.

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    hehe,, if i want a meal of dove,, instead of getting them untangled from my nets,, i take em in the house [​IMG]
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    I raise pigeons and doves and one thing I want to make sure you understand.
    Keep the coops of both breeds clean.
    wear a mask when cleaning as the pigeons have a tendency to have parasites and can pass on resperatory isses to humans.
    I cant think of the disease they can and will pass along but will look it up later.
    Keep coops dusted for mites also.These are some of the things you need to know when raisng pigeons for squabb,

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