Square feet for quail pen?


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Mar 9, 2008
Harrisburg, Pa
1 sq. ft. for cortunix, bobwhite. 2-3 for Valley, Gamble, Blue Scale, Tennessee Red (could squeeze to 1 sq ft) I have not raise any of the larger breeds but i am sure they are in the same area. Also the more room you can give them the healthier they will be.

Ryan S.


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Jan 23, 2008
Holden, Missouri
Well said. Also, it would be wise to make the runs for the nervous desert species longer than wider - more rectangle than square I quess would be a better way of saying it!! Add cover, plants, rocks and perching to simulate a natural habitat.

It will be grilled into you over and over that quail must be kept on wire, but with good planning and husbandry, you can have healthy quail on the ground in a natural & landscaped aviary.



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Jan 12, 2007

I know this is an old post, so you may not see it - but what do you need to do to keep the ground healthy for the quail. I am just starting with quail. I live in SE Kansas. I have not seemed to have any trouble with Coccidia in my chickens, however, I know that it is possible they are carrying it, and just not getting sick with it.

I like having my birds on the ground. My chickens are much happier where they can scratch and do normal chicken things. We add sand to their pens every once in a while, to aid in the draining. Currently, they all live in hoop type pens. Two are made from greenhouse hoops with wire on them and one is made from cattle panels with extra wire.

My best case scenario would be to allow free-ranging, but a predator has discovered our little flock, and now it is MUCH smaller. We have had a canine killer, and something else unknown. The birds just disappear, no feathers or carcass.

I do have rabbit hutch type pens available that all I need to do is build a frame for them and put a roof on top. But, if I can keep them on the ground, I would like that better. My goal right now is breeding for meat and eggs.

Do you have a good reference place or book that I could use to help me plan good pens? I have a few acres, and in fact have an area that is full of small trees but is far from our water and electricity source. At some point I would love to set up our pens in there!

Enough questions for now I guess.


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