Square foot per duck?


14 Years
Mar 10, 2009
Lafayette, IN
I've got 6 Black East Indies Ducks. We just finished a pen inside the chicken house for them.

Is a 4'x12' enough for their inside area?
That is plenty of room....they recommend 3 sq ft per duckie and those are bantams so at 3 sq ft per duck minimim you would need 18 sq ft.... a 4 x 12 is 48 sq ft. they will have more than enough room in there.
Well, they seem VERY happy in there. I didn't realize that the turkeys were scaring them.

Now that they are safe in their pen, they have spread out and relaxed.

I've got to dig a trench today for the power, and one for the new water hydrant. After that comes their outdoor pool and pen.

They love their water!

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