Squat and now we wait

April Barta

Oct 16, 2017
Puyallup, WA
i have 17 pullets that are just over 18 weeks old. A handful of them are squatting as of Sunday. :weeWhich, you should see me... I’m running around trying to see which ones squat. They keep talking back to me but I just ignore their banter. Funny thing is we leave for a 5 day anniversary trip on Friday morning. You know the moment I leave and stop harrassing these chickens... one of them is gonna lay an egg?!?!?! It’s gonna happen while I’m gone. :hitI just know it. Anyway, had to vent! Fingers crossed a get a first egg sometime today or tomorrow. :fl Or next Wednesday. :lau
Yeah... They all run from me now. Lol. I spent 19 weeks building this trusting and loving relationship. 5 days of trying to see who squats and it’s all out the window. Some come running when I have a bowl cuz they know... treats! But others go hiding and I yell at them “Go make me an egg!” :tongue
For the record - NO EGG was laid while I was gone. I went out there today to give them some love before locking them up for the night and they were squatting all around me the moment I tried to pet them so my guess is.... SOON. I didn't have to chase anyone down for the squat. LOL

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