Hatch-a-Long Queen
Sep 9, 2019
Central Virginia
Squatch was supposed to be a pullet when we bought 2 Jersey Giant pullets in the spring (he has a brother Sid, but he's more mellow)... Somewhere out there, there's a person wondering why they have 2 pullets instead of 2 roosters :lau We have your roosters...

There was a nasty storm coming the other night and my husband wanted to get the chickens in. Mama Chicken (our Deleware) was being stubborn and trying to come back out of the coop so my husband lightly pushed her back in... Out of the darkness came Squatch and attacked him :lau:gig You better believe I laughed till I cried. He said it was like a horror movie because he didn't even see him coming. My husband now calls Squatch "Badass Chicken"
Hope he doesn't get into a habit of attacking your husband.
He doesn't do it unless he touches his ladies. I told him that those are his and he needs to respect that until Squatch trusts him like he trusts me. It's usually if the ladies fuss when they're touched, which she did because she didn't want to go in for whatever reason. I can pick up any of the girls and he doesn't care. My youngest also needs to gain trust with him, but he never attacks if you're in the chicken area. He's a very good rooster, I trust him more than any other roosters I've had in the past. Some roosters can he very intimidating, but even his size isn't intimidating.
he is a very handsome dude and doing his rooster job.
You're husband should keep an eye on him though, that is going to be one large roo.
We actually have 2 this size, but Squatch is better looking. He's probably 2 feet standing and when he crows he stetches about a foot. He does keep an eye on him now, I told him that he will trust him eventually but it won't be today or tomorrow. He's a very sweet roo and I'm kind of glad the farm gave me the wrong order because he will be a roo to remember

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